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In-house faculty HOT program

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The hands on course for CMC ICU faculty has commenced.

The course started on 10thSeptember 2009 and will last 5 weeks.

Sessions will be held on Mondays and Thursdays only.


Session timings:

9am – 11am : Dr. George John

  Dr. J.V. Peter

  Dr. Kala Ebenezer

11am – 1pm: Dr. Nagamani Sen

  Dr. Subramani

  Dr. Mathew Joseph


Venue: Medical ICU (see comments)


Course instructors: Kishore Pichamuthu

Binila Chacko


There will be no lecture sessions. Online tutorials (links provided) must be perused prior to the session


tutorial reading



10th Sep

Tutorials 1,


Knobology, Disinfection

Vascular access and DVT studies

May also use patients in SICU, NICU

14th Sep

Tutorial 3

Acquiring basic cardiac views and identifying structures


17th Sep

Tutorial 4

Volume status assessment and preload responsiveness


21th Sep

Tutorial 5

LV systolic function including cardiac output


24th Sep

Tutorial 6

LV diastolic function and filling pressures


28th Oct

Tutorial 7,

RV function, RV pressures, pulmonary embolism, pericardial

May use patients in any other ICU

1st Oct

Tutorial 9

Lung ultrasound

May use patients in K ward (Pulmonary), SICU

5th Oct

Tutorial 11

Abdominal ultrasound


8th Oct

Tutorial 12

ICP measurement, airway management, therapeutic procedures (thoracocentecis)

May use patients in K ward (Pulmonary)

12th Oct

Tutorial 13

Scenarios, interpretation, feedback


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