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ICU Sonology tutorials

The information on this site related to ultrasound use in the ICU has been divided into how-to tutorials focussing on one aspect each. While, each tutorial is not a comprehensive review of information available in that topic, an attempt has been made to distill information to simplify it and present it in a practical, bedside how-to guide.

Analysis of the evidence from literature for various facts and methods described here has been avoided. Similarly information that is easily found in standard cardiology and radiology sonology textbooks has been given less coverage. To make the most of these tutorials, however, we suggest that they be supplemented with a reading of select journal articles (see references) and standard echocardiography and ultrasound textbooks.

You can click on the appropriate tutorial from the drop down menu above or the links below.

Tutorial 1 - Basic physics of ultrasound and the Doppler phenomenon
Tutorial 2 - Modes of Ultrasound
Tutorial 3 - Setting up and acquiring images
Tutorial 4 - Volume status and preload responsiveness assessment
Tutorial 5 - Assessment of LV systolic function
Tutorial 6 - Assessment of LV diastolic function and filling pressures
Tutorial 7 - Assessment of the right heart
Tutorial 8 - Assessment of pericardial disease
Tutorial 9 - Lung ultrasound
Tutorial 10 - Vascular ultrasound
Tutorial 11 - Abdominal ultrasound
Tutorial 12 - Miscellaneous uses
Tutorial 13 - Clinical scenarios
Tutorial 14 - Infection control and legal issues


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