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Minimum requirements


This site has been extensively tested on this site on Firefox 3.0 and Internet explorer 7.0 and Epiphany 2.26

Site performance on lower versions of these browsers cannot be guaranteed.

Flash player

Adobe flash player version 10 or later needs to be installed on your browser to view the flash videos.

If it has not been, get it here

The following are the minimum requirements for Adobe flash player 10.

Hardware requirements of Flash player 10Hardware requirements of Flash player 10



Software requirements of Flash player 10Software requirements of Flash player 10


Browser Crashes

Rarely, the browser may crash on opening any page on this website that has videos on it. This has been reported only in Windows and occurs in a number of browsers: Firefox, Google chrome, Flock, IE7 and Safari. This is a known Windows bug, that for some reason is more common on Sony laptops. The solution is to navigate to C:\windows\system32 and look for a file named BtwVdpCapFilter.dll or p1120vfw.dll. Rename these files to something like BtwVdpCapFilter_1.dll and / or p1120vfw_1.dll respectively. This should solve the problem. If that doesn't work or you do not seem to have either of these 2 files, and you are on a Sony laptop, try installing this driver upgrade at Please post any related issues in the forum.


Some of the images and videos may appear very dark on older CRT monitors, particularly the echo images which have a lot of black in them. On LCD / LED screens, however, they should be seen well. Increasing the brightness setting of the CRT monitors may help.

These pages have been optimized for widescreen viewing. If you find that the right or left block areas are overlapping the main text content, try increasing your screen resolution.


If you experience any other incompatibilities, do not hesitate to let us know in the forums or by contacting us directly

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